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Cosmetic Argan Oil Imported Directly to Old World Naturals
from Agadir, Morocco

Argan oil is a centuries old Moroccan Treasure.  The oil is extracted from the nut of the argan tree which is native to western Morocco.

Long known to have beneficial health and cosmetic qualities, its reputation has spread around the world with updated production standards which maintain the quality and purity of the oil, while allowing its production to continue to be ecologically-friendly and economically beneficial to the rural women of Morocco who prepare the raw product by harvesting, hand sorting, and cracking the nut prior to the pressing of the oil.

While many cosmetic companies are touting its benefits and adding it to their products, it has been found to be much more beneficial in its pure and natural state.  this "liquid gold" is natural, organic, non-greasy, quickly absorbed, and exceptionally rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.  It soothes, hydrates, and moisturizes even sensitive, acne prone, and oily skin, and adds shine and manageability to all hair types.