Old World Naturals was started, not because I'm an entrepreneur who wanted to figure out the next big thing and jump on the bandwagon, but because my world traveling husband brought me a bottle of argan oil from Morocco and I needed to figure out the best way to get myself more! What started as "He spent money so I should at least try it," (even though the thought of putting oil on my oily, acne prone face made me cringe) to "How quickly can I get more?" Just ask my daughters. When that first bottle started getting low, I started rationing those tiny drops of "liquid gold".

Until then, I had never even heard of cosmetic argan oil, but I desperately started looking for it in the United States. What I was able to find was very disappointing. It was oily, sometimes smelly, and didn't absorb like mine from Morocco had. So out of pure necessity and a selfish need for more, I contacted the supplier in Morocco where my husband had purchased the oil and Old World Naturals was created. My supplier deals directly with the production facility in Agadir, Morocco and the oil comes straight from that facility to my front door, assuring pure, top quality oil.

I'm no salesperson or business woman, but I love that I can bring an all natural, top quality product for others to enjoy like I do.